Kiawah River Stables

Flying Tail Farms operates out of the beautiful Kiawah River Stables located on Johns Island, SC

Kiawah River Stables is the premier Charleston area destination for serious equestrians. KRS brings together the perfect blend of luxury, expertise, and community to create a haven for competitive show jumpers and eventers seeking unparalleled facilities. Nestled in the heart of Johns Island, this private high end stable is designed to cater to the needs of elite equestrians, providing an environment where riders can elevate their skills wile enjoying a sense of camaraderie and breath taking views! KRS offers a large covered arena with GGT footing, large outdoor fields to ride in, including a derby field with jumps. The perimeter of the property is double fenced allowing you to ride around the edge of the property for a trail ride, or even trot and canter sets. Large turnouts with both private and group options are available. You can also have access to a horse treadmill, Bemer blanket and theraplate. Make an appointment now to come view this amazing facility!


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